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Ask a Home AV Company: What’s New in Audio-Video? Ask a Home AV Company: What’s New in Audio-Video?

The Latest & Greatest Upgrades for Home Entertainment

Is it time to give your home's audio and video setup a much-needed boost? Has that once-impressive flat-screen TV started showing its age with pixelation and a lack of clarity? Are you still making do with subpar speakers for your music enjoyment? 

If it's high time to upgrade your home entertainment experience, let us bring you up to speed on the latest and greatest audio-visual solutions. As one of Santa Monica’s premier AV companies, here’s what we’re most excited about for our customers. 

How Lighting Control Works: A Guide for Santa Monica Homeowners How Lighting Control Works: A Guide for Santa Monica Homeowners

Let Us Introduce You to Intelligent Lighting Control

While light bulbs have gradually changed over time, the way we illuminate our homes has been largely the same since Edison first invented them in 1879. Typically, our only control options are “on” or “off.” Sure, dimmers have become increasingly popular in recent decades, but until recently, there was never a way to change the color of light fixtures. Whatever bulb you chose at the store, you’re stuck with. 

But that all changes with LED light bulbs. Now, with smart lighting control systems, you can adjust the mood for entire rooms in one command. Want bright, inspiring lighting while you write in the afternoon, then warm, cozy lights for the evening? Your lighting system will adjust the lights for you. Lighting control simplifies how you brighten your house while saving time and reducing energy usage.

If you’re new to smart lighting control, here’s how it works and will benefit your lifestyle in Santa Monica, CA—or wherever you call home. 

Woman in a rooftop hot tub with a glass of wine and smart home system on her phone. How Smart Home Technology Simplifies Everyday Life

A Simpler Life with Smart Home Automation

Who doesn’t love the feeling of staying at a hotel? The room is tidy and clutter-free, with everything you need at your fingertips. It’s like a break from reality and a few nights resting in paradise. 

That’s one way we’d also describe living in a home with smart home technology. Smart systems like Control4 and Crestron bring convenience and time savings to homeowners’ everyday routines. What could be more luxurious? 

If you’re new to smart home technology, here's how it can bring simplicity and comfort to your home in Santa Monica

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