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Agoura Hills

Don’t Forget About Your Home Theater Seating Don’t Forget About Your Home Theater Seating

Enhance the Comfort of Your Home Theater Installation

You’ve got your brand new laser projector, dedicated theater screen, and high-performance speakers delivering immersive 3-dimensional sound. Now all that’s left to do is lay back and enjoy the show. Except that’s when you realize your seat doesn’t actually recline! The fact is many of our clients get so hypnotized by the glitz of their AV equipment they forget an important factor: home theater seating.

But just think of your local cinema and how great it was when it upgraded from standard seats to recliners. So why settle for anything less when it comes to your home theater system? One of the perks of watching at home is greater comfort–no sticky hallways, no freezing temperatures, and no uncomfortable seats! 

In this blog, we will highlight our go-to partner when it comes to home theater recliners while also providing tips on optimal seating layouts. 

Elevate Family Living with Home Automation Elevate Family Living with Home Automation

A Day in the Life in a Smart Home

Imagine waking up in your Agoura Hills home to the gentle rise of motorized shades, revealing the beautiful California sunshine. The kids are already up, and your favorite morning playlist is softly playing in the bedroom. No, it’s not the Jetsons; it's your life elevated by home automation. With cutting-edge solutions tailored to families, home automation isn't just a technology upgrade; it's a lifestyle transformation. Let's take a journey through a day in a family home powered by state-of-the-art home automation from Just One Touch™.

8 Considerations for Your Home Theater Installation 8 Considerations for Your Home Theater Installation

Go From Basic to Smart with These Essentials Technology Integrations

Your entertainment spaces do more than entertain, so enhancing them with innovative technologies is an exciting way to ramp up the fun! Sure, they’re the ideal spot for getting cozy on the couch to watch a movie, but these rooms bring family and friends together in other ways. 

Cheer on the big game, embark on heart-thumping video gaming missions, or watch fitness videos, all from the comfort of your Los Angeles residence. You can have an integrated, intelligent space that responds to your needs when you work with a smart home company like Just One Touch™ for your home theater installation.

Below are eight pivotal aspects to consider for your home media upgrade, so keep reading.

5 Keys to High-End Home Theater Design 5 Keys to High-End Home Theater Design

Crafting the Ultimate Cinematic Experience in Your Luxury Home

Reap the rewards of a professionally designed home theater, a cornerstone of modern luxury living. Imagine the benefits of a space where every detail is expertly planned and executed. From the unparalleled visual fidelity of MicroLED displays to the immersive, room-filling sound of Dolby Atmos, the advantages go beyond mere aesthetics. This blog will delve into the key elements that elevate our high-end home theater designs in Agoura Hills, CA, from simple entertainment rooms to cinematic sanctuaries.

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